The Magic of Rhassoul ?

The powerful absorption and adsorption properties of Rhassoul enable it to fix impurities and eliminate them simply by rinsing with water, without damaging the skin’s natural, protective film, while at the same time actively restoring and accelerating cell regeneration. Pure, mineral beauty
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Our finest clay, Rhassoul

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I have thick shoulder lenght hair and I've been using this oil treatment for about 2 weeks now, I have try different brands and so far this is the best thing I've found. My hair is much softer, shiny and healthier than ever. I love that your hair don't feel oily and it's great for your skin also.. LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT.
Great For My Fine Color Treated Hair
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I have very fine straight color treated hair. I need something to protect and condition without weighing my hair down. This has been great. I use half a pump on the ends of my hair right after I get out of the shower. My hair is noticeably silkier and shiner without looking greasy. I would highly recommend.
Wonderful nutrition for your hair!
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I have used this on my hair, and my daughter's hair with great results. It makes the hair shiny, it smooths it out, and softer. It really only takes a little, so it will last you quite awhile! A great, natural product! 🙂

Rich In Minerals

Rhassoul Moroccan clay is high in hydrophile minerals with essential nutrients and provitamins. pH neutral and contains no surfactants.


We Start With THE IDEA

Now, the fun part...

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Hair oil treatment for renewed hair growth – 50 ml

An Oily Macerate

An oily macerate is an oil containing extracts.

The oil we use for all our macerates is 100% first cold pressed Organic Argan oil. Rich in antioxidants, omega 6 and omega 9, this oil contains twice as much vitamin E as other oils

Hair oil treatment for renewed hair growth – 50 ml

Infusing The Plants

Infusing the plants in oil extracts their liposoluble properties.

The By Saâd Maceration process takes over a month.
Plants have always provided the best remedies

Hair oil treatment for renewed hair growth – 50 ml

The Oil Behaves

The oil behaves as a solvent and acquires the plant’s active properties:

Antioxidant – Anti inflammatory – Softening – Nourishes the skin– Strengthens the cutaneous barriers of sensitive skin– Protective



Meet our founder


By Saâd is a homage to the Morocco of my childhood and of my dreams: the light, the heat, the colours, the moutains, the forests, the desert, the smells and tastes, the people and traditions.

My background is cosmetics. I spent ten fantastic years with L’Oréal Luxury Products, where scientific innovation and excellence form the basis of the industry we all know and love, but which has created a bewildering plethora of chemically charged, artificially fragranced, ‘de-natured’ products.

By Saâd is my way of taking this privileged insight and my Moroccan origins to explore the traditional, natural ingredients and unique, ancestal beauty rituals of my homeland.

By Saâd is my personal journey back to my roots, and the story of my love affair with the cool, scented clay I played with as a child – Rhassoul.

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